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Foundation for Radiant Mature Skin

I finally tried this popular foundation system & All I can say is.... WOW!

First of all, I feel a bit vulnerable in this video. The beginning of the video I have just cleansed and moisturized my face and have NOT A STITCH of makeup on! Out here for the world to see! YIKES!

But I had to show you how amazing this foundation is!!!

Look at this before and after!

This really cool system comes with everything you need: Foundation, Highlighter, Contour and Blush/Lip color. It is in one palette and very easy to use. What I really like about it, for more mature skin like mine, It has a cream base so it goes on smooth - doesn't cake into fine lines and wrinkles. It has immediate coverage without layering it. You put the color where you want it and then blend and it covers, evens out skintone and makes your skin GLOW.

The company offers color matching where you fill out a form, answer a few questions, and send in a selfie with no make up on in while in a well lit room in front of a window (during the day) duh :) .They will design your palette for you so you have everything you need to get started.

GET COLOR MATCHED NOW - I have put a link to the color match form if you want to check it out! It is so easy! The girl I ordered from, customized my palette with exactly what I asked for, and then gave me additional options and responded to me within a couple hours! This company has a whole line of products including eyeshadow, etc. I will definitely be looking into additional products, but I also love my Younique eyeshadows, mascaras and bronzer - which I am using in the after picture above. I am happy to send you information on any of those products if you would like, just shoot me an email.

I also use DRMTLGY skincare products which I have talked about before and love their daily tinted moisturizer with sunscreen! Living in Florida, it is a must; but It is important for everyone, no matter where you are located, to protect your skin.

What do you think about the coverage? Give me your feedback in comments!

Ready to try this superior makeup system? Click the link and let the team color match you to see what your options are!

Get Color Matched NOW

Be sure to check out my other blogs with the products I used for the finished look!

Younique Eyeshadow Palett e

Younique 2n1 Mascara

Younique Bronzer Light/Medium

Younique Finishing Powder

ELF Finishing Spray


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