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Hanover Tomatoes- Hellman's or Dukes?

Yesterday Michael stopped at the grocery store and he came home with the largest tomato I have seen in... well ..A LONG TIME! Since we were in Hanover!

This heirloom tomato was so UGLY but, dark red and ripe!

This tomato brought back so many memories for me! I loved going to Pole Green Produce when I lived in Mechanicsville, VA. The store is still there and doing better than ever!

If you are not from VA, or specifically the Richmond/Hanover area, you may not be aware of Hanover Tomatoes.... boy oh boy... are they good? Yes-in-deedy!

When My Mama was alive and lived in Florida, while I was still in VA - she used to beg me to bring her tomatoes.. she always said, "There just aren't good tomatoes in Florida"... And I always thought she was exaggerating :) Until I moved here! Then I started begging friends to bring me Hanover tomatoes when they came to visit!

Anyway, Mike brought this massive tomato home and this morning I made us THE BEST TOMATO SANDWICH I have ever had! This was not a Hanover tomato but I am going to put it up against any Hanover tomato I have ever had!

First of all, I asked Mike when I was making it... Hellmann's? Or Duke's?

Anyone want to guess what his reply was?

Anywho... we had this tomato slice on 2 slices of perfectly toasted bread, with the measured perfect dash of pepper and salt! OH MY - IT WAS SMACK YA MAMA GOOD!! I wish my mama could have been here to have one with us!! She would never believe it was not from Hanover~

Look at the size of this thing!! Look how red and ripe!! It was amazing!

Our goal for the weekend is to find more just like this!

Next on the menu - a BLT :)

Go get ya a big ripe heirloom tomato this weekend and have a tomato sandwich in memory of my MAMA :)

If you are lucky enough to get a Hanover tomato... GET TWO AND BRING ME ONE :)!!

So, I leave you with this? Please reply in comments!

Have you ever had a Hanover Tomato?

Have you ever seen a tomato this big?

Hellmann's or Duke's... or Miracle Whip??

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