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Welcome to My House

Updated: May 26, 2022

A place to share Lifestyle hacks to thrive in life at 50

Hello Beautiful People!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had the freedom to live your life authentically - with the confidence to own the style you really love? What is the saying? - "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Growing up - I mostly got my style from the people I admired the most. I followed trends- in fashion, hair styles, home décor, cars, makeup, etc. I have constantly shifted and reinvented myself - changing my look and my surroundings over the years - ALOT :) I have lived in several States from Boston to Florida, owned or rented several homes and changed my "look" with hair color/style so many times, my parents didn't recognize me when I came to visit!

Thrive at 50

All of that change throughout the years has given me one incredible gift. I do live my life authentically today. At 52 years "young" I have a different perspective on life-style. I love who I have become. I have found that I am grounded in my style and while I am still influenced by trends, they do not drive my style. This provides a great deal of freedom.

Living at the beach brings another layer to my style. I am more casual, organic & relaxed then I have ever had the opportunity to be before. Because of this influence on my life-style, I have named this site The Salty Beach House - Welcome to My House.

While you are here - I look forward to sharing this perspective with you! If you are over 50 and have any interest in style, wellness, beauty, cooking healthy, cocktail hours or makeup/skincare, then you will want to follow this blog! I will be searching the internet for LIFESTYLE HACKS to help us thrive in our 50's and beyond, with grace and charm! I hope you will travel along this journey with me!

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